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Founded in 1994, Servant Tag & Label has provided excellent service to clientele for almost 20 years. Servant Tag & Label has and always will be “Serving to Lead” the Print industry in the Grand Rapids area (and abroad). Over 25 years of print experience, and is ready to use that to help improve your business. Servant Tag & Label adds in providing your business with printed material to create a clean and efficient experience for yourself and your clientele.

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Have the perfect tags created to show off and define what your products have to offer. Servant Tag & Label provides clients custom-designed, compelling tags tailored to your products.


Servant Tag & Label can provide virtually any type of Label to effectively provide a great first impression to your customers.


Organize your company with professionally-designed forms for any type of business. Servant Tag & Label works with its clients to create the perfect design.


Servant Tag & Label provides beautiful promotional products to its clients. Whether you need business cards, envelopes, letterheads, displays, etc. — we've got you covered.



Servant Tag & Label supplies beautiful ribbons for clients to use for virtually any use.


Show off your brand or team with custom apparel. Servtant Tag & Label offers select apparel that can be customized to your needs.


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